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Homepage of the DCG group for big cichlids

The gateway for aquarists

Homepage of Uwe Werner- the godfather among the German cichlid maniacs

A cichlid shop in the Netherlands, where you always can find something interesting

Ariel's Blackwater Tributary

Cichlid pages of my friend and old travel mate Frank Angermann

Dutch pages with photos from Central American cichlids

Michael Luig’s homepage

Daniel Matthaeus in Raubling has always something interesting from South America

Catfishes and more, rare fish species

Thomas Tillmann, specialist for South- and Central American cichlids

The American Jef Blake loves the „bull class of cichlids“


Michael Pilack keeps a lot of Central American cichlids and is an old friend of mine

The internet platform for aquariums


Homepage of Prof. Dr. Joerg Albering, a friend of South American cichlids

Homepage of Markus Russegger, also a friend of South American cichlids

Homepages of the German Cichlid Society, the world’s largest aquarium society

Pages about Sven Oscar Kullander , the swedish ichthyologist

Mostly cichlids belongs to the californian Vinod Kutty

Dr. Ron Coleman’s profession and hobby is around cichlids

Homepage of the aquarium society in my hometown, Regensburg

Jeff Rapps from New Jersey sells Central- and South American cichlids

The database for almost all fishes

Jens Gottwald sells mainly South- and Central American cichlids in his shop

Good pages about Geophagus

The DCG-workshop cichlids from Western and Central Africa

The internet portal for cichlids

Everything you like to know about Steatocranus

The underwater world of Western and Central Africa

The cichlidroom campanion by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas

Pages from Oliver Lucanus, Canada

Good pages from Mo Devlin about Central American cichlids

The American Cichlid Association

Homepage from the DCG-section Allgaeu

Interesting pages about Loricariids in Central America