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cichlids of

About the author

Name Peter Buchhauser
Date of birth 14. Juli 1967
Place of birth Regensburg
Education Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH)
Job Area Sales Director Southeastasia/Pacific with Krones AG

First aquarium at the age of 10 years. Then completely through all kind of fishes (life bearers, catfishes, etc.) to African cichlids. From time to time some rare species like knife fishes, snake head fishes, Arowanas, etc.

Already in 1983 keeping and breeding of more than 20 species of the former „Cichlasoma“- group, amongst already big species like „C.” dovii, festae, melanura, managuense, psittacus, etc.

Then complete changeover to Discus and in 1986 total shut down of all aquariums due to military service and moving to another city. Starting in 1987 again, only with one aquarium. One special topic from then on – Central American cichlids.


Since 1990 twelve trips to Central- and South Amarica as well as the Caribbean, with catching and importing fishes by myself and friends for several times. Aprrx. since 1991 also very interested hobby photographer.


In total almost 10.000 liters of water gross volume, thereof 3 large tanks with each apprx. 2.500 liters. Only cichlids and catfishes.

Personal target for the hobby

Keeping cichlids, which are not the latest fashion version only, but show character and are colourful.

Every 2-3 years a trip to the cichlids natural habitats, but not for catching species like crazy. More to investigate the country, get familiar to the people and maybe find a nice fish from time to time.